in February 2015


White hawks

17" x 13", mixed media on paper, 2015



After a month long sojourn in Florida, I returned to a bitter cold and filth congested Chicago. Heaps of dirty snow from a recent blizzard were piled at the ends of streets, making my walk to the store a rigorous task. Suddenly a very large white bird soared down between the trees into the intersection where I stood on a mound. I was taken aback, for it was a White Hawk, a tropical breed. How could this be? My eyes followed it as it ascended into the frosty air and there in the distance, it communed with another one of its kind and lo, a disgruntled Canadian Goose. They mingled in a strange dance before the two white birds disappeared in the east.



As the days progressed, I continued to site the white birds circling in the sky, sometimes alone and sometimes in tandem, hunting for squirrels, birds, and other game. With binoculars, I determined they were luesitic Red Tailed Hawks, not albinos, but mutant white birds with black eyes. How these two mated verges on the miraculous. What are the odds that two very rare beings would find each other and forge a bond? What will their offspring be like?





City Bird

12" x 18", mixed media on paper, 2015



As a warm spell descends on Chicago, the snow melts, revealing trash and dog poop on the gray sidewalks and streets. Everything is gray. And maybe this is magical thinking. The birds are just Sea Gulls, crying out as they dip between the trees, searching for cast away tacos and fries. It was a beautiful story for a while. It made the grayness bright.






(looking for hand outs and not too happy with what he is given)

12" x 18", mixed media on paper, 2015





32" x 28", oil on wood panel, vintage wood frame





Blue Bird

10" x 6.5"

acrylic on wood panel, wood frame


















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