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"Did you know that fungi are not, properly speaking, plants? They are more closely related to animals than plants are, having differentiated from other life forms earlier than plants, and therefore are more closely related to animal life than to plant life". Lisa Nicholas, Author and Writer from Garland Texas. Could this filial bond also be why many species of fungi have such profound medicinal properties in humans? Mushrooms, and their components, have in fact been some of the most extensively studied natural medicines in existence, with a number of human clinical trials proving the anti-cancer properties". Sayer Ji, Founder of greenmedinfo.com






Mushroom People

24" x 18", water color and pencil on paper, 2015



I spent a good part of July and August 2015 in central Florida which would seem odd to most Midwesterners. It was hot and humid but no more so than Chicago, less the suffocating pollution. I hiked the backwoods, which were cool and shady and not as buggy as I expected. The fungi were exceptiopnal this time of year, providing constant inspiration for my Mushroom People paintings.









Log Woman

21" x 15", watercolor and color pencil on paper, 2015



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