Florida Spring #1

51" x 38", acrylic on heavy canvas, curtain rod, 2013


What are these magical places that take us to the core of who we are? In Florida, they are the natural springs, fed by an artesian well. One becomes a child again swimming in these pure waters, swimming with fish and crayfish, snails and water plants. Thankfully, the alligators swim only in the mornings before the onslaught of humans, but oh, we are all a family in need of her pristine, life giving waters. She is like a mother birthing the entire matirx of living beings. She is our mother.





Florida Spring #5

32" x 57", acrylic on heavy canvas, curtain rod, 2013


This was the final piece in this series and it became the logo for my site. I am not sure why I chose this piece to represent my work. I suppose there are times when I feel as if I were this chimerical being, floating through an alluring world, fascinated and belwidered by the multitude of choices before me and their strange unfolding properties.




Florida Spring #2

42" x 57", acrylic on heavy canvas, curtain rod, 2013



This is the second in the Florida Spring Series. Scuba divers like to venture into the caverns of some of the state's springs, the deep underwater caves where the water rushes to the surface. Once in a great while, a diver wil not return alive. My intent was to capture the feeling of both danger and excitement associated with this wild, natural place. The cavernous opening is depicted with a mask like face in the background, which I feel resembles Vincent van Gogh (see images below). This was unitentional of course. The floating woman in the foreground is transforming into a water creature, while her mate watches. They are both wearing pajamas!








Florida Spring #4

43" x 57", acrylic on heavy canvas, curtain rod, 2013




Florida Spring #3

57" x 57", acrylic on heavy canvas, curtain rod, 2013






Chemical Rainbow

24" x 18", oil on wood panel, 2013





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