Tree Dream #1, 18" x 24", mixed media on paper, 2015


Dreams that opened the year


The piece above is based on a dream I had on New Year's Eve. The woman in front is preparing to saw the last threads of bark that tether the fallen tree to the earth. That is all she proposes. She did not chop the tree down, she is merely cutting it clean. The figure standing in the back is her mother, giving guidance.





Garden of Yellow Suns

14" x 11", oil on wood panel, frame by my briother Tim.



With ease, we find ourselves glued to little computers that we carry around and consult, even while going to the bathroom. We see three year old children with their faces in cell phones. Will we resonate with the divine intelligence in one another or will we resonate with the machine? Transhumanism is about merging human consciousness with artificial life.


MIT: We Can Now Engineer the Human Race:


These Superhumans are Real and Their DNA Could Be Worth Billions

and commentary on that article:




I saw a woman sitting on a log in the middle of the woods with her two children. They sat quietly talking about all the wonderful things around them. As I journeyed further and came upon a bike path, I heard the cacophonous noise of a school playground where the shrieks and nauseating raucous of "freedom" reverberated through the thick undergrowth. The contrast in learning environments sickened me as I know how the revulsion fostered in public education can be used to create a disinterested, compliant person on the one hand, and an aggressively robotic person on the other. Any person who has been schooled in the American public education system or has worked in it, and who has eyes to see, will know what I am referring to. If not, I will guide you to more eloquent writers on the topic:


  1. John Taylor Gatto's The Underground History of American Education




mixed media on paper, 18" x 24"



This piece represents the second dream I had on New Year's Eve, 2015. The women are saluting the beautiful trees and at the same time floating before them, seemingly in a dance. Later in the month, I traveled to Florida and communed in one of my favorite old growth forests.



Here's a short clip about the consciousness of trees:










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