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I am happiest in nature, surrounded by water, woods, mountains, or meadows. Each environment feeds a different aspect of my inner self and helps me to express creatively. My goal is to create culture, and what I mean by this, is that I support in myself and others the innate power to shape our world in the way that we desire it to be.





In the beginning . . .






Butterfly #1  



  Butterfly #3  




In 2010 I decided to dedicate my life to painting. Of course, one can rarely do this, unless one lives on their own planet where food, shelter, pleasant company, and mundane chores are accomplished by the murmur of a few magic words.        


Butterfly #2





So, I began in earnest, painting little pieces in between the essential tasks of life. I had great faith in myself. I had discipline and pluck. Before the economic meltdown, I had worked as a visiting artist in the public schools, libraries, and museums of Chicago. I had become a well paid storyteller, using my hand made masks, costumes, and percussion instruments. I knew that I could succeed at earning a living as a self promoting artist.









12" x 12", mixed media on paper, 2010





Many things had changed when the economy crashed, or was it a slow burn begining around 1995 and continuing today? Someday, when the shame of losing our identities and livelihood has faded, we will ask each other, "What did you do before the meltdown?". The next question might be, "So, what did you do after?". In reference to the "after question" I might say that I joined a cult of sorts. I traveled a bit, then took up odd jobs, really odd. Oh, I did some volunteer work too, and that earned me alot of love but no real job.







"America the Beautiful"

18" x 24" mixed media on paper, 2010






I have always taken the approach that if I think something is important, it will be important. Translation courtesy of the ancient poet Rumi: “Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah . . . it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.” Which leads me back to my decision to be a painter. Sculpture has always been easy for me, but painting the flat surface, finessing it into something that seems three dimensional, is a big challenge. And yet I have always loved to paint and to see paintings done by others. When I joined the cult I asked myself, "What else is there left for me to do?" I had not the wit to answer, "Paint!". I guess I needed a little more dissatisfaction with life to bring soul and ripeness to my work. The curious thing about joining a cult is that the experience lays bare the realization that many of our institutions and foundations are cultish organizations.  
Now, this opinion of mine is grossly over-simplified, but let me continue, just to get my view point sketched out . . .  


Three Lizards

12" x 12", mixed media on paper, 2010









Crab and Jelly Fish

12" x 12", mixed media on paper, 2010




I always found this world of ours very difficult to understand. Other people, smart people, seemed to understand things about politics and economics and history very well. Wanting to be like them, I tried to study and learn, but I remained confused. Then came the internet. I'll admit, there is a great deal of conflicting information and hoaxes on the net, but truthes that bare the test of logic and cross-referencing, and for which there is evidence, are finally available for all who seek them. Scholars and scientists, doctors, independent journalists, and concerned citizens, unite in building a data base providing information, facts, research, books, blogs, and interviews that finally make sense! (at least to me) The tissue of lies is unraveling with great speed as people everywhere tune into their own critical faculties and their own five senses.







  America has alot to face and it is not going to be an easy process. Secrets about technology, history, physics, ancient texts, anthropology, and all the sciences, are being exposed by professionals. I am not an expert on these things, nor any thing. That is why I provide a link on my site called portraits. I paint portraits of people who are qualified to talk about these topics. I enjoy reading their books and listening to their interviews and I provide links to their work along with their portraits. This is my way of honoring them.  

Barred Owl

24" x 18", mixed media on paper, 2010




Some cool youtube presentations about the earth, sun, planets, etc. Brought to you by the Thunderbolts project

And the parent site




Florida Panther

Now you may be wondering what type of cult I joined and what sort of cultish things I did. In essence, we have all been entrained by a number of cult-like institutions. To give insight into this statement, I will refer you to my novella, Cult Du Jour featured on my fiction link. This is a creative account of a religious society coupled with a peek into the public school system. The result is a black comedy about two types of programs flourishing in our nation, one openly and the other secretly.  







  "But now, she paints!". This was a line from a dream I had. There were two Native Americans looking at me. One was an elderly man with white braids, the other a young woman with black braids. She was excoriating me for my dismal lack of spiritual purpose. She infered that I was doing negative things in the guise of holiness. The man objected to her insults, saying "But now, she paints!" as if that were paramount in the realm of redeming qualities. I had this dream a number of years ago. It took me about four years to act upon it. I knew the dream was powerful at the time but I was stuck in the worldview that I needed something "new age" or occult to guide my journey.



18" x 24", mixed media on paper, 2010








18" x 24", mixed media on paper, 2010









18" x 24", mixed media on paper, 2010





  I am full of questions and have few answers, but I will continue to look behind the curtain. There, I will find freedom because in my ability to look, I retain ownership of my mind. And my imagination. And love. As long as we are capable of loving ourselves, our family, our neighbors, and this extrodinary earth that we have been privledged to be born upon, we will survive. Love is the one thing that evil cannot destroy. This is an ancient and eternal truth.


12" x 12", mixed media on paper, 2010








Fish Head

12" x 12", mixed media on paper, 2010





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